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Anatomy of Whimsy

The philosophy:

We all have things that make us tick.


Like a wind up doll.

The gears spin and the body comes to life.

It walks.

It talks.

It functions.

This is an exploration of those little knick knacks and totems of inspiration, the things that spark our minds and fuel our imaginations. I had a lap harp toy as a child, and that was my start in music. A manual music box with a tune I didn't know, but was entranced by. Hot air balloons take my hopes higher, and Ferris wheels illuminate the dark nights around me. A reel of film for all my memories, and locking blocks for my spine.

All these little pieces and tokens of nostalgia usher me through my every day, guiding me through every new piece I create. Surely there could be a thousand things upon these bones that I see, touch, smell, experience, every day. Man-made items that attach themselves to me like barnacles on a passing ship, becoming a part of me, changing my form.

For the better, I hope.

This probably won't be the only piece I make like this.

The specs:

18x36" canvas

Tempera paint

The struggle:

Tempera is an egg-based medium and is semi-permanent in that it can be reactivated with water... or with additional paint, which I learned the hard way when I set to completing this over the course of many days. Ultimately all that meant for me was a little extra blending and a fair amount of touch up, but I like the chalky, non-shiny finish the paint gives.

There is a part of me that insists on perfect, clean, smooth lines, feeling like my art is not successful if it is not clean and shiny, but to be honest... most of my art is not any of those things, and I rather like the scratchiness of this piece. It feels a bit more honest.

What do your guts look like?

Prints available!

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