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Curious about the #spacecowcomic I keep talking about?

Aurox ad Astra is about Daphne, a talking cow who crashes her spaceship into a small family's dilapidated farm. Together they work to uncover the deep-space conspiracy plaguing their midwestern town in the year 1982. Why are all the farms disappearing, and who is the enigmatic (and creepy) CEO of the local dairy conglomerate, and what does this have to do with Daphne?

Rooted in the reality of the 1980s American Farm Crisis, this comic has taken much historical research. Liberties are liberally taken, but I want to create a comic that has depth and a solid foundation. As an avid cow lover, I want to tell a relatively light-hearted story, but do so while taking seriously the well-established and long-historied dairy industry, paying respects to the farmers and cows themselves. It also plays on urban myths that came to light in the 1950s concerning UFOs and alien conspiracies, packed with homages, references, and plenty of puns.

All of this is being undertaken by a small two-person team in Oregon, hence the extended development. Stay tuned for updates!

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